4. Pet Peeves

  1. Smoking in public places

Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t care less about your vices and what you do to your body. I know a lot of people who smoke and I give them the same respect I give to non-smokers, but please have the courtesy of being mindful of other people. First, I hate the smell (even the electronic cigs). Second, some people hate asthma. Stop puffing in front of people’s faces!

  1. Cashiers who gossip whilst the line is long

I’ve experienced a lot of this in different supermarkets and groceries all around the Philippines. I know we are social beings, but will you do your work first? It seems like they are uninterested in serving their customers.

  1. Misogynists

Oh lord Jon Snow. Where do I start? Let me start off by reminding everyone that it’s 2016. Why can’t we move forward and start treating the same instead of being stuck in an ancient mind set? Also, let me just say that ‘feminism’ is the equality among sexes. I know that it’s not the kind of feminism most celebrity projects, but it’s not only about woman empowerment. It’s about humanity. It’s about giving the opportunity for people to live in a better world. We should have enough understanding about it.

  1. Humble brag

Sorry I just wouldn’t fall for your #blessed post. Seriously, if you’re happy about something, why be lowkey about it? Why do you need to present it in such an annoying way? Be proud of what you have but know your boundaries.

  1. People who arrives late ON PURPOSE

I know a lot of people who does this. I can’t think of any reason on why they do it but to seek attention. Ironic, why would you want to be known for being late?


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