5. Food!!!

It actually took long before starting to write this post because I can’t think of a specific favourite food of mine, but here’s to hoping I get to cover them all up here.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, even as a kid. I remember how my granny would always buy me a chocolate drink and chocolate coated pretzel after school. My day wouldn’t be complete without that combo, maybe I would throw tantrums, I’m not sure, but it’s a big possibility. Even up to this date, I feel like I’m celebrating something whenever I eat ice cream. Don’t even ask for my favourite ice cream flavour, because I can eat whatever you serve in front of me. When in a coffee shop, I look forward to eating cakes and pastries instead of sipping coffee. Maybe because I’m not that big of a fan of coffee.

I also stubbornly love seafood. Stubbornly because I’m allergic to shell fish, but that’s what antihistamines are for, right? Honestly, the plain thought of crabs and prawns can send water to my mouth. I also recently discovered my love for Asian food which I thought I hate because I’m a big fan of European cuisine. Thanks to buffets for introducing me to different dishes.

Maybe taste buds do change as time goes by. I used to be a picky eater, but now, maybe my palette is a little bit more adventurous.

what a crappy post. i know


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