The Provincial Life | My everyday routine

I live in the province and work in the city. Most of my free time are spent traveling and I don’t mean that in an adventurous and exciting way. I think it’s better to use the word commuting (hmmm maybe this can be considered as adventurous). Anyway, I’m telling you this as a disclaimer that you won’t see anything grand or glamorous in here. Just a regular struggling probinsyana trying to be as honest as possible (who reads this blog, anyway?). Ya ready? Okay. Here we go.

Getting ready

My day starts at 3:00 am. As much as I want to snooze and sleep in for couple more hours, I force my heavy eyes to open and drag myself away from my bed. I am one of those people who eats breakfast first before taking a shower. Breakfast only runs for 30 minutes, so even if I want to enjoy and be calmed by my daily cup of tea, I gotta gulp and hurry to hit the shower at 3:30 am. Why? If I exceed few more minutes than 30, I risk myself from having a hard time finding a ride, getting caught up in the infamous EDSA traffic, and coming in late to work. And I don’t want that.

Off to work we go

My commute won’t make you sing hi-ho. You’re more likely to sleep on the way to work if you were in my position. I need to be able to get a ride by 4:30 am. During my first few months of working, it was a pain in the ass waiting for a shuttle that’ll drop me off the city. Luckily, I found a UV driver who car pools and now waits for me regularly which puts so much ease to my mornings.

It takes at least one and a half hour to get from my hometown to my office. This is perfect to catch more Zs and go for power naps, but instead, this is the time where I sweat the small stuff and think how everything can go wrong. No matter how hard I try, as soon as I close my eyes, I tend to be anxious on how the day will go. However, I am slowly learning to manage this, special thanks to Spotify.

The tunes I listen to in the morning are slow, chill, indie music. Something that can calm my nerves and possibly stir my mind away from all the negativity. My current favorite is the Life Sucks playlist in Spotify (any clue on my disposition in life right now? lol). It isn’t successful on me to sleep, but it does help on making me slightly optimistic.

Work! (cue Schuyler Sisters snap)

I usually come in at around 6:00 am. We’ll talk more about work later.

Going home

I leave the office at 3:00 pm (of course, only if I don’t have to stay in and work overtime). Going home takes more time than going to the office. My commute usually lasts for at least two dreary hours. Again, special thanks to Spotify for keeping me sane during my trips. Since I’m usually exhausted from all the hustle in the office, I go for tunes that’ll make me discreetly bob my head while listening to them. I don’t care at all if other passengers find me weird for doing that. They can mind their own business and find something else they can get busy with for two hours. Me? I can be alone with my music. I just cannot count how many times I’ve listened to the Hamilton soundtrack on my way home. It’s still my go-to album whenever I’m having a rough day. Thanks, Lin!


You might ask why I’m still choosing to go home in the province every single day when I can just rent an apartment in the city where I can rest for more hours. Well first, I don’t want to spend that much money on rent and have little on my savings (which I can spend on food). And second, I like the relief whenever I see my parents after a long day. Somehow, it makes me forget that I have to do this routine again for the rest of the week.

I get home by 5:00 or 6:00 pm, depending on the traffic. I don’t do anything at home instead of scrolling through my phone and watching Youtube. I wish I can say that I pick up a book and read, my eyes just feel too heavy to do that (or maybe I’m just lazy). Throughout the day, I look forward to crashing in my bed and just lazing my butt off. By 9:00 pm, I need to be ready to go to sleep. I get lost in my dreams until it’s 3:30 am again.

I basically do nothing but work, commute, and lose myself on the internet. On weekends, I get to finish a book or a series, but that’s it. That’s all the activity I get. Yes, I feel worthless all the time, maybe this is one of the reasons why I decided to blog on a kind of regular basis. I don’t know how long I can keep up with my current routine, but I’m getting pretty sick of it. I hope I get to explore more hobbies and be able to dance through life (thanks, Wicked).


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